Persistent Pro-Lifer

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Before I Go...

I mentioned earlier that for the next few days I'll be away on a camping trip, and as a result I will not be updating my blog then. I am going to be missing quite a heavy time, what with the Republican National Convention and all, but I'm sure I'll be able to catch up on it all when I get back. I won't be relying on the versions of things given to me in soundbite form by the major networks, but rather I'll read through blogs and commentaries and make observations from those sources. I urge all those out there tuning in to the RNC to do the same. Given the amount of coverage the protestors have already gotten, especially pro-choice protestors, it is important to remember to dig deeper on one's own. Read the blogs out there! For pro-life news and commentary visit sites like or, and check out Dave Andrusko's "Today's News and Views". Don't buy into the networks telling you Bush is going to ban stem-cell research, or that the Supreme Court is divided on Roe 5 to 4. You'd be amazed at the amount of misinformation put out. Just the other day I was watching the Capital Gang and the lefties on the show simplified everything into false generalizations. Go for the facts. Don't be swayed into thinking that due to the sheer number of pro-choice protestors out there that they represent what the majority believes. Even if there are millions out there who support "abortion rights", know that they are the millions on the wrong side.

All this coming from a guy who doesn't even live in the States. I suppose I shouldn't be allowed to criticise since I'm not a citizen, right? Anyway, this is most likely my last post for the day, but when I come back from Moose Mountain I am absolutely sure I'll find a lot to blog about. Until then, enjoy the end of August!